Baler Program

Baler Program

Highland Recycling and Shredding has a baler program for companies that dispose of large quantities of Corrugated Cardboard. Contact HRS if you produce over 4000 lbs. of cardboard per month to see if you qualify for our baler program. Below is an outline of the program:

Highland Recycling and Shredding | Baler Program

HRS Responsibilities

Provide a baler

Install the baler at your facility

Pick-up bales at your facility

Provide standard maintenance on baler

Customer Responsibilities

Sign a contract with HRS

Pay for the installation of baler

Purchase bale ties from HRS

All bales produced from baler are to be given to HRS

Provide electrical breaker within 10 feet of baler placement

Provide fork lift for the removal of bales from baler



3 Phase—60 amp breaker for large baler

Single Phase—50 amp for smaller baler

Fuse Box within 10 feet of baler placement


12–13′ ceiling

6 x 6′ floor space for baler

Door swings 8′ from back of baler

Highland Recycling and Shredding | Baler Diagram

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